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And they all lived..

Happily Ever After Dog & Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

So you've seen a dog that you like and you're keen to know a little more about it?

Firstly We ask everyone to complete our pre adoption application form, this will give us a better insight into your family life, and help us match the right dog with you. You will find the form under the above heading, or complete the enquiry box and we can send one over to you.

Once we have received your form, we will get in touch for a chat to find out a bit more about what sort of dog you are looking for. We will then arrange a meet with a dog / dogs that we think would suit your family life.

We would possibly arrange more than one meet, as the dog has to meet everyone that they will life with and we understand that this may take time to get everyone to the rescue!

If everything has gone well, and you have found a friend to join your family we will then complete a home visit to see where they would be staying. We also need to make sure you have a secure garden and they won't be able to escape.

Once this is all completed we will then arrange a day for the adoption, we will bring them over and complete some paperwork with you and advise you what to do to help settle them in. We may advise that you contact our trainer Mark at the Cheeky Chihuahua if the dog is very young and needs training.

Each dog adopted is £250, we are here to help and advise while your new friend settles in and in anyway we can help we will. 

What to remember

Not every dog you fall in love with on our site will be suitable for your set up, so please don't be offended if we suggest another dog instead of the one you've set your heart on. After all we want we all want is a happily ever after for everyone.We're not here to judge you, we just want the right dog in the right home. We are happy to rehome to families with children if the dog is suitable and the kids are trustworthy around the dogs. We are more than happy to rehome dogs to older people, but again only if the dog is suitable to the home. We are also happy to rehome dogs to people who work, again as long as you suit each other.If you can't see the kind of dog you want on the website currently, please feel free to send us an email anyway and we'll let you know if anything suitable comes in.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this and for supporting Happily Ever After Dog Rescue xx