This is our Happily Ever After page, here you will see and hear how just some of 

the dogs lives have been transformed by their forever homes. Enjoy! 

(This is why we do what we do) 


Lolly was found starving with her puppies on the streets, she has been in her forever home since March 2014, being loved and cherished and slowly gaining much needed weight. She has blossomed into a bouncy, little livewire who can dominate a room with her skyhigh jumps and zest for life. 


We are so pleased that we adopted Lily (was Ambrosia) from Happily Ever After Dog Rescue. She is the most amazing dog who suits us perfectly. Lily has changed all our lives for the better, especially my daughter's as she has given her so much more confidence. Lily is a joy to have around the house and we love her dearly.


Freddie,was Sven,  We adopted him in July last year and  what a roller coaster of a ride so far. He was diagnosed with epilepsy and a week before Xmas he got so ill he nearly died. We are so happy we adopted him. We love him so much. ( this photo was taking New Years day. He was so poorly but wouldn't let his chew go)


Mavis is doing so well. She's a little star in the park where everyone knows her! She greets people and dogs with the same enthusiasm and has come out of her shell to be an amazing little dog. She is a very fast learner, even speaking on demand, and we are so grateful that she was rescued for us!


Angelika (Jelly!) in her forever home, loving life and living the life of a Queen. 


Squirrel is absolutely gorgeous, doing really well, completely house trained now, has learnt the basics of sit, give paw but not so good on recall!!! My girls and I love him to bits and his cheekiness xx

Roxy and Cleo

Roxy and Cleo, thoroughly loving life in their forever home. These two are mother and daughter, it was fantastic that they could be homed together.