Hi and thanks for joining us, here is a little bit about us and why we set up this rescue and then below is a little bit more about the rescue and how we work.

The majority of these dogs have come from the UK but in 2012 I was made aware of the plight of Romanian dogs and it saddened me so much I felt I needed to help out in whatever way I could. So I agreed to take in 4 little rommies and find them homes in the uk. Oddly I only rehomed 1 to a very good friend of mine, because we fell in love with the other 3 and they became part of the family.

 Since then there has been a steady drip of little souls appearing on facebook with their romanian carers asking for help in finding them homes abroad. 

Last year the law changed in Romania and suddenly all stray dogs were being rounded up and killed, sadly often without the humane methods used in this country, some were literally being beaten to death by dog catchers and public shelter owners. 

We were rehoming some dogs through another rescue but as we got more and more involved and agreed to take on more dogs it made sense to start up our own rescue. And so Happily Ever After Dog Rescue was born.

We are very lucky to have a small but strong team of volunteers behind us that work tirelessly, fundraising and keeping all the behind the scenes stuff up together.  

We do also take in UK dogs of course but only ones that are previously assessed as we don't have or use kennels and all dogs are fostered in homes along side the fosterer's dogs and or children. 

We are based in and around Bristol. 

We believe that a dog in need is a dog in need, no matter 
where it comes from, Romania, Spain, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Turkey, Bulgaria, Thailand, so you get the picture, if we can help a dog we will.

We have a lot of people who help us out, fundraising and fostering etc, but we'd like to introduce you to the other people who help to run this rescue. Whilst we all mix in and share lots of jobs, we all have specific roles too. 



Jodie came to visit our rescue recently and we couldn't believe 

our luck when she agreed to be our ambassador. 

She also adopted Jim from us after falling for him!

CERIAN ADAMS - Our Founder

Cerian is our founder. She deals with the day to day running of the rescue. Including enquiries, administration and a lot of hands-on work with the dogs. Also arranging meet-and-greets, fosters and adoptions. She also runs our FB page. Cerian has a number of dogs adopted from different rescues and several from Romania.

Cerian is pictured with Tasha, a Romanian Rescue.

LUCY PITHER - Secretary

Lucy is Secretary for the Rescue.


Lucy has 10 dogs. Santi - a spanish rescue, Mika, Freda, Snow, Indie, Tiro and Cooper who came through our rescue. She also has little Alexa, Sophie and Meryl.

NICKI MCINTYRE - Social Media manager, adoptions and fundraiser.

Nicki manages our social media and is the first point of contact for adoptions etc.
She does a lot of fundraising and is also a fosterer!

Nicki has 3 dogs 2 of which she adopted from us.

LIZZIE LANG - Fundraiser

Lizzie is another crucial cog in our fundraising team. She has been referred to as 'Our Hunter/Gatherer' sourcing some great raffle prizes and items for the rescue.

Lizzie is pictured with her dogs Freddie and newly adopted Yogi. Yogi is a romanian rescue dog that our founder Cerian picked up at a petrol station on one of her visits. 

LISA WHITE - Treasurer

Lisa is the the rescue's treasurer and is also one of our fantastic fosterers.

Lisa has 3 dogs, Maxi who was born blind and Tulip and Evie, 2 Romanian dogs who were both adopted through the rescue.

SAMMY DURKIN - Web Mistress and Media Design

Sammy keeps our webpage updated and makes our adoption posters for the dogs and cats that come through the rescue.

She also runs the Sanctuary facebook page.

Sammy is pictured with her romanian rescue dog Santa, who she adopted from the rescue in 2015

KAREN DAVEY - Fundraiser

Karen is one of our fabulous fundraising team and is currently helping Cerian organise our ball to be held in February 2017. 

Karen is pictured with her dog Alfie

KATT COLLINS - Fundraiser

Katt is also on the fundraising team and loves to make arts and crafts.

Fundraising is an ongoing role within our rescue and our team are just wonderful at 

pulling together to attend events and raise those important funds.

Katt has 2 dogs, Seamus and little luna who she adopted from the rescue.


Lesley is our wonderful head admin, she's in charge of making sure all microchip records are up to date when the dogs arrive with us and when they go on to their new families, Lesley also deals with lots of other admins tasks for us and has done for quite a while so we wanted to make it official.

Our Fosterers 

We have an amazing group of Fosterers who welcome our dogs into their homes to prepare them for their happily ever afters.


We and the dogs simply couldn't be without them.


A big thank you especially to Sarah, Julie, Lyn, Lizzie and Lisa who regularly foster for us.

If you think you could welcome a foster dog into your home, please get in touch.