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And they all lived..

Happily Ever After Dog & Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

Hello and welcome to Happily Ever After Dog Rescue

We are a small, family run rescue on the outskirts of Bristol, Cerian and Andrew run both the rescue and sanctuary with the help of a few long term volunteers. Cerian is extremely passionate about animals, she is the driving force and main reason that the rescue was started in the first place, here is her story:

Our dogs come from everywhere not just the UK, However in 2012 I was made aware of the plight of Romanian dogs and it saddened me so much I felt I needed to help out in whatever way I could. I agreed to take in 4 little rommies and find them homes in the uk. Oddly I only rehomed 1 to a very good friend of mine, because we fell in love with the other 3 and they became part of the family.

Since then there has been a steady drip of little souls appearing on facebook with their romanian carers asking for help in finding them homes abroad. 

A few years ago the law changed in Romania and suddenly all stray dogs were being rounded up and killed, sadly often without the humane methods used in this country, some were literally being beaten to death by dog catchers and public shelter owners. 

We were rehoming some dogs through another rescue but as we got more and more involved and agreed to take on more dogs it made sense to start up our own rescue. And so Happily Ever After Dog Rescue was born.

We believe that a dog in need is a dog in need, no matter

where it comes from, Romania, Spain, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Turkey, Bulgaria, Thailand, so you get the picture, if we can help a dog we will.