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And they all lived..

Happily Ever After Dog & Cat Rescue & Sanctuary


The following has been written by Luna's fosterer:

Ok, where do I start? From the beginning I guess, so here goes! I’ve fostered dogs for many years, it’s something that’s very close to my heart! To take in a scruffy, helpless, terrified, confused and nervous dog, to bath it, feed it, brush it, toilet train it, love it and look after it, to teach it how to enjoy a walk on the lead, to then see it go off to it’s forever home after the amazing transformation it’s made, is the most wonderful, proud and heartwarming feeling ever! To know that it’s me that’s helped that to happen, to see that this once terrified, scared and confused dog is now in a loving and safe home for the rest of its life is enough for me to take on the next one from the rescue and do it all over again, then the next, then the next :) But........ little Luna is different!! Little Luna is barely 18 months old and is paralysed, she has no use of her back legs whatsoever and this is why..........Luna was found outside a petrol station in Romania, from what we’ve been told by her rescuers they think she'd been there probably a few days!! Little Luna was dragging herself around trying to keep hold of a piece of old stale bread she had in her mouth, I cannot imagine how terrified she must have been bless her! We don’t know how she was paralysed but we do know it was by some kind of blunt force trauma! Thanks to her rescuers little Luna’s journey began. She was taken to their rescue in Romania and seen by their wonderful vet team, the vets were unfortunately unable to help Luna regain control of her back legs so they decided to raise the money to cover the costs of her transport to a UK Rescue in the hope of giving her a better chance to find her forever home. After several discussions the lovely Cerian Adams from Happily Ever After Dog Rescue in Bristol agreed to take Luna into their rescue, and wouldn’t you believe it? funnily enough that’s exactly who I foster for :) So, little Luna arrived at the rescue on Thursday, after a long journey she was finally here safe and sound, and who was there to meet her? Of course I was :) I fell in love with her little scared face straight away, transferred her to my car and brought her home to Melksham with me!! Wow, when I think what a journey this gorgeous little girl has had already, but if you could only see her now after just 4 days!! Luna has settled in with us fantastically well so far, she’s been bathed, brushed, cuddled, kissed and loved, Ive even bought her a second hand doggy pushchair so I don’t need to leave her at home on her own while we take our dogs out for a walk. But here’s the part where I need some help, looking after a disabled, paralysed dog like Luna isn’t easy! Don’t get me wrong, she’s absolutely great at getting about on her front legs, she even tries to run towards me as soon as she see’s me, and I know she’d be wagging her tail like mad if she could, but she has no choice but to drag her back legs behind her :( So me and little Luna have a very busy time coming up, due to her disability she will need numerous vet/physio visits so we can get as much advice as possible as to ways of which we can help her to become more comfortable long term! She is very prone to getting sores on her bum and legs where she drags them behind her, she is also much more likely to get bladder and kidney infections due to being lower to the ground, so I need to keep her as safe as possible, even indoors, to prevent her from hurting herself! We really would love to give Luna the opportunity to get dog wheels, if you could see her trying to run around with our little dogs, you’d understand why! She’s only young, she’s just a baby, she has a long and hopefully comfortable and pain free life to live, however all these things cost a lot of money and this is where me and the rescue are asking you for any support you can give little Luna. Doggy wheels are expensive, they need to be made to measure and fitted correctly, I may need to travel a long way with Luna to get her the right ones, but it’s essential that this is done correctly from the start as I don’t want to cause her any further problems or harm. Unfortunately this isn’t all that she needs, actually that’s just one of the many things she needs!! She needs drag bags to prevent sores to her legs, she needs puppy pads, dog nappies for night time, a ramp to help her get in and out of the back door step into the garden, she needs soft matting to go on the patio to stop her getting sores from dragging herself over to the grass, she needs medical bits and pieces so I can try to keep her sores to the minimum, she even needs the correct type of dog bed to sleep in so she can get in and out of it ok and not get her legs caught. She absolutely loves being taken for a walk in her doggy pushchair so she can watch our dogs running around although at some stage I need to consider getting her a doggy backpack to enable me to carry her from place to place on vet/physio visits etc! I really really want to give this little girl the best and safest chance I can, however, I had no idea exactly how much all of this was going to cost! My goal is to see the gorgeous little Luna both healthy and happy, hopefully running around in the park with the other dogs, but only doggy wheels can make this happen!!! Please, please can you help me to help little Luna? I’m only going to be able to do this with your help and by raising enough money to get her what she needs! This is going to be a reasonably long journey with ongoing costs, but I’m in it with little Luna for the long haul. Can you help me give her the chance she deserves to live as normal a life as possible?

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