So after weeks of preparation, vaccinations, deworming, test for heart worm, leash, tick fever, and various other nasties (all clear thankfully) and the truly hard work and dedication of Louise who is a volunteer at the shelter in Portugal. It turned out that rescuing dogs from Portugal is much harder than we ever thought, however Louise managed to clear all the paperwork and the dogs left on Friday morning and have arrived safely with us today. Enjoying a run around and meeting the others in rescue. We will spend the next few days getting to know them and assessing what type of family they are looking for.
However we MUST say an ENORMOUS thank you to the Amazing Louise, who despite coming up against so many locked doors and having doors quite literally slammed in her face. This incredible lady didn't lose her faith or motivation and quite frankly she is these wonderful dogs hero!
Louise thank you so much for all your hard work, along with everyone else who has helped and supported these souls on their journey. 
Check out Murphy and Teddy, 


adopted from us, at

Crufts doing Agility!!

  Clink on the link below for 

the video!
If you as a company or individual are contacted on our behalf to ask for donations please feel free to drop us a line to confirm it is genuinely for and from us. In order to make sure it is for us anyone contacting you should ask you to send any items directly to the rescue and we will always email you to confirm that they've arrived safely and to thank you. Thank you so much for your continued support.

A few weeks ago one of our supporters and adopters contacted a lot of dog food companies to explain we had lost some dog food that was due to come to us. She sent dozens of emails but most companies ignored her emails or just said no so imagine our surprise when we got an email from Healthy Paws Dog Food offering us not just a couple of bags of food but in fact £2000 worth of their food!!!!!
And just as promised a few days later this boxful arrived, a fantastic mix or adult and puppy food!!!!!
Thankyou so much to Healthy Paws for such a generous donation, the dogs love it :) and a super massive thankyou to Carol Hall, adopter of Mickey who spent so much time emailing everyone.

Princess Bea is a very special girl who we would 

love to see get her forever home for christmas.

To read her full story please follow this link which takes you to her facebook page..


We now have an ebay account selling items to raise funds for our rescue and an Amazon wishlist. Please follow the links below..


EBAY GIVING :  Under maintenance

Well here's some news to cheer you all up on such a soggy gloomy day .....
Little Jim has got himself a happily ever after of his own.... adopted by the very lovely Jodie Prenger.....

We popped along to see her recently at her home for a special project she's helping us with and took Jim along as part of it... well she met him when she came to visit us in earlier in the year and we knew she had a soft spot for him so we figured he'd work well with her on the project ... Jim's one test to pass was the chickens...and he passed with flying colours!!! 
We want to thank Jodie for offering this lovely little guy a home... he has a wonky leg but she saw past that and decided that he just had to be part of her family xxxx thankyou sooooo much to her and also to Michelle Holmes who runs 'Save the Death Camp dogs...Romanian woofers need you' who brought him to the uk xxx

Meet Jimmy..... this gorgeous little guy is coming to our rescue mid July... From a lovely rescue in Romania....
Jimmy has a sad story... once a loved pet his owner died and instead of finding someone to take him in the family kicked him out onto the streets to fend for himself... which he did for a couple of years until he was lucky enough to be rescued and given a safe place to stay.
Jimmy is good with other dogs, he's also good with cats and kids and is housetrained. He's 7 years old... if you'd like to offer this little guy a home please send us a message... if you can't offer him a home maybe you could share his photo. Thankyou x 

Wednesday 22nd June 2016

We are so excited to announce that Jodie Prenger has agreed to become our ambassador for our dog rescue and sanctuary. Having recently visited us and met some of our dogs and Jodie was as smitten with them as they were with her. Jodie, a committed animal lover who has a number of dogs of her own ( not to mention a beautiful gang of chickens and churkeys!!!) is passionate about dog rescue and incredibly down to earth.

Yesterday we visited her at her home with Jim the dog for a special project she is helping us with (all will be revealed soon) Jim couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the bootful of goodies Jodie had donated to us in response to her Tweet after her last visit....Tweeting that for everyone who retweeted her tweet or liked it, she would donate a box of Bonios... wow what a stash of treats for our dogs...                                                                             Thankyou x

                                                                                   We are truly honoured she has agreed to represent our dog rescue and welcome                                                                           Jodie to our team! Xx

                                                                            Photo courtesy of Rupert Barker

Sunday 15th May 2016

So today Jodie Prenger came to visit the dogs.... what a simply beautiful soul and lovely person ... I was so touched that she would take time out of her very busy schedule and come and visit our mutts before her show in Bristol tonight ... the dogs simply loved her .... including Bruce who took biscuits from her! And then the most amazing thing happened ... Coffee started to play!!! For the first time since she arrived!

We are desperately seeking foster homes for some of our dogs, we provide all food, veterinary costs and rescue back up. We like to think of our foster homes as a kind of finishing school, it means the dogs can experience life in a loving home environment and get them ready for the big world outside. It really does improve their chances of being rehomed.